Private companies are no longer required to appoint a company secretary. However, the tasks for which a company secretary would normally be responsible still remain.  In the absence of a company secretary, this responsibility passes to the company’s directors.

For companies that decide not to appoint a company secretary, outsourcing the company secretarial function has many benefits.  Our company secretarial support service leaves you free to concentrate on running your business while we take care of the most routine tasks and help to make sure that your company complies with its obligations.

Our role includes:

  • Maintaining statutory registers of the company
  • preparing and filing the company’s annual return
  • documenting the appointment and resignation of officers
  • notifying the company of accounts filing deadlines
  • We store each company’s statutory information using dedicated software which also enables us to submit documents to Companies House electronically on your behalf.

In addition, our experienced team is on hand to provide answers to any queries or questions that you may have concerning the legal requirements that apply to your company.

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