Are you conscious about the first impression that you give your prospective client? A prompt, smart and effective answer to your prospect’s call is the first step towards clinching a deal. On the other hand, a poor answering system can be a huge upset. A few calls that went unanswered might not seem huge, but they are definitely a leakage on your efforts of brand building.
This is where the services of a virtual receptionist can add value. A live virtual receptionist becomes the first point of contact for all your inbound calls who works towards creating a positive impact on every caller.

Our Remote Receptionist Service includes:
•    Unified Communications service with talented contact agents
•    Provide special assistance - Remote Assistance
•    offer voicemail options
•    Availability of Multiple voicemail boxes
•    Voicemails can be sent to you by e-mail, web or phone.
•    Dispatch service calls, and handle your sales orders.
•    live telephone answering
•    Peak period calls, After-hours and weekend calls, or on-demand backup

Remote receptionists are particularly useful if you need part-time administrative assistance.

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