transaction processing

Paramount InfoTech offers transaction-processing services on custom, proprietary client workflow systems as well. We provide a knowledgeable workforce who can review data, perform critical adjudication, and make decisions on how to route the data or workflow. We also implement our proprietary inventory, production and quality management reporting tools.

Our high skilled professionals with their industry experience provides client with an opportunity to exploit the best of talent. A client can benefit from tailor made programs that include process improvement, risk mitigation, process re-engineering and business analytics.

Paramount InfoTech’s Solution:

Paramount InfoTech’s uses the latest in transaction processing software to serve the needs of a wide range of clients. Paramount InfoTech provides:

Claims Processing Services

The capture of electronic information, its verification, determination of eligibility and reporting; includes such services as data mining and analysis.

Loan/ Mortgage Processing Services

Information capture, verification of information on loan/ mortgage applications forms, and screening these applications against pre-defined criteria.

Order Processing Services

The processing of application forms (both paper and electronic) such as those for credit or debit cards. This also includes merchant processing services, such as verification, authorization, and confirmation of information.

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