Data processing is probably one of the first processes to be successfully outsourced to offshore providers. The reason for this is that the workflow processes are relatively simple, performance is easy to measure, and cost savings can easily be achieved. Data processing can mean a lot of different things. At the lower end of the spectrum, it might mean very simple data entry work from a source file into a destination system. It can get more complicated when the data need to be found and retrieved through online research or maybe even through outbound phone calls. Another factor could be the business rules that have to be applied to the data which can range from very simple guidelines to complex decisions which require a much higher level of understanding.

Paramount InfoTech has a proven track record of handling data and information systems for customers across the world. We can digitize your raw data and transform it into useful information. You can leverage our expertise in handling data processing services. Rest assured that our services will eventually give you insightful data at your finger tips and improve your organizational efficiency.

Data Processing Services include:

  • From processing
  • Rebate processing
  • OCR processing
  • Bankruptcy processing
  • ICR processing
  • Survey processing
  • Word processing


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