Correct usage, timely processing and access to customer’s clinical information are extremely critical for generating prompt responses. Hence, it is vital to organize clinical data centrally, precisely and make the access to the data user friendly and quick. Proper organization and documentation of healthcare data allows the company to save on undue productivity expenses.

At  Paramount InfoTech, our clinical data management and consultancy services are dedicated to providing you with clinical data, data analysis, regulatory support and presentation requirements.

Our Clinical Data Management Services:

  • Clinical Data Entry
  • Data receipt, logging and tracking
  • Ongoing data entry from CRFS
  • Data entry cleaning
  • Custom database generation and design
  • CRF/Data Development
  • Clinical Data transfer
  • Clinical Data quality assurance
  • Case report form design, production, and tracking
  • Case report form review
  • Analysis of notes on CRFS and data alerts
  • Reviewing consistency of medical and scientific data
  • Clinical Database locking
  • Automatic edit checking and query tracking
  • Final and interim database locks associated with concerned documentation
  • Medical Coding
  • Coding of adverse events (meddra, who-art, costart)
  • Coding of concomitant drugs (who drug centralized data coding)

Benefits of Outsourcing Clinical Data Intelligence:

  • Cost effective
  • Optimum use of information
  • Easy and quick access to data
  • User-friendly applications
  • Low productivity costs


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