Paramount InfoTech supports the full spectrum of Accounts Payable services including procurement, invoice processing, employee expense management and reconciliation. We deliver improved business outcomes such as reduced life cycle costs, improved supplier management, shorter settlement cycles and greater compliance to contracts.

Our enhanced reporting, increased visibility and transparency of the AP function enables companies to take informed decisions based on accurate reporting.

Our automated accounts payable package also provides a separate suppliers gateway where they can analyze, approve and obtain invoice reports. Merchant-dealer profiling helps build superior reconciliation procedure, reduce bad debts and enhance cash flow prediction. Our field experts and trained staff can device a customized workflow system for individual clients based on their requirements.

Paramount InfoTech Accounts Payable Service Offerings Include:

  • Purchase requisition review

  • Purchase order (PO) processing & placement

  • Contract management

  • Vendor master creation

  • Vendor invoices processing & disbursals

  • Employee expense management

  • Accrual entries

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