Another important aspect of Customer Service is toll-free services. Toll-free, often referred to as Freecall, Freephone is a special telephone number which is free to the calling party, and insteadtoll free the telephone carrier charges the called party the cost of the call. The price of the call to the called party is usually based on factors such as the amount of usage, the number experiences, the cost of the trunk lines to the facility, and possibly a monthly flat rate service charge.
Here is a brief overview of the wide range of toll free telephone services that we offer. All these services are tailor made to match your unique business requirements:

  • Sales support
  • Post sales customer support
  • Post sales payment follow ups
  • Product/service upgrades
  • Appointment selling and database selling
  • Outbound telemarketing and product sales
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation and order taking
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Shipment tracking
  • Sweepstakes and contests
  • Market intelligence and research
  • Claims checking and follow ups

Maximized benefits from toll free number services

  • You need not install toll free number services, as we provide you with single/multiple toll free number services
  • Dedicated lines are allotted to you that are accessible from any part of the world
  • Our outbound call center team will carry out your campaign with aggressive targeted calling of key customer groups
  • Our well researched and effective call scripting aims at high conversion rates
  • We carry out B2B and B2C outbound campaigns
  • Our customer support team will work 24/7 to support your toll free phone number services
  • All the calls are recorded for your future reference
  • We comply with the ‘do not call’ lists
  • We provide both local and international toll free services
  • Our quality assurance team ensures the efficacy of every call
  • We assure you the work efficiency of our calling agents. They are proficient in English and are experienced in handling customers across the globe.



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