marketingAnalytics outsourcing, which deals with the application of computing resources, statistics and operational research to solve business and industry problems, is fast becoming the most sought after outsourcing vertical.

This is because companies around the world have come to realize that it is not the access to data that matters as much as the analytics—the interpretation and application of the concerned data. In order to stay on top of a highly competitive market environment, managements are choosing to base most of their important decisions such as strategic plans and operational policies on qualified data analytics, marketing analytics, credit risk analysis, fraud analytics and predictive and strategy science.

A research indicated four major principles underlying successful marketing and customer analytics, they include:

  • Analyze what’s most useful and actionable, not just what’s at hand.
  • Don’t ignore databases close by if they can be mined with fresh eyes.
  • Restructure processes and bring on new people to take full advantage of the new insights.
  • Embrace a rapid test-and-learn approach.

Marketing and customer analysis helps you meet your business goals by improved customer service, efficient campaign planning, increased market share and increased number of sales leads generated.


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