customer relationThis is the most important feature of Customer Service. Customer relation and retention is more than giving the customer what they expect, it’s about exceeding their expectations so that they become loyal advocates for your brand.

At Paramount InfoTech, we use a data-driven approach to help our clients proactively analyze customer behavior and develop contact strategies that build loyalty and keep at-risk customers. We help companies institute a methodical process for “listening” to customers, identifying words, signals and patterns that indicate they may attrite and developing specific recommendations, down to the individual customer level, to proactively address the situation.


Your customer retention management relies on the combination of the following:

  • High satisfaction with product performance and customer service.

  • High intention to continue to do business with you.

  • High willingness to recommend you to others.

Through our expertise in customer management we understand the most effective ways to retain existing customers. Our customer insight allows us to analyse and develop strategies to manage customer retention. By focusing on your customer's needs as well as bringing innovation to your service proposition.

Paramount InfoTech has proven success in helping clients retain and grow their customer base. Retentions and revenue growth services include:

  • Inbound customer retentions

  • Outbound customer retentions

  • SMS outbound retentions

  • Campaign management

  • Outbound customer value services

  • Targeted up and cross selling

At Paramount InfoTech your contact centre is dedicated to you and your customers, your operation will deliver a bespoke service designed specifically to meet your requirements.

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