customer aquisitionWith consumers and businesses understandably cautious about spending in the current climate, competition for their hard-earned cash is fierce. Paramount InfoTech operates both B2C and B2B sales activities on behalf of clients in a variety of sectors, focused on helping them to protect and grow their market share in even the toughest of times.


By outsourcing your sales activity to Paramount InfoTech, you will benefit from a dedicated operational model, delivered by a fully-trained team that is immersed in your brand values and works only on your campaigns.

One of the basics of any customer acquisition effort is to identify and quality potential customers. It is essential to follow the following steps while developing a customer acquisition plan:

  • Target Prospects: Identify prospective customers matching your business objectives using specialized research, market surveys, psychographic profiles and analytics tools to segment audiences.

  • Evaluate Risk: Determine which businesses and consumers make profitable new customers and present the least amount of risk.

  • Determine the Best Offer: Set optimal lending terms using scoring and segmentation tools.

  • Improve Direct Mailings: Achieve better results from your direct mail offers by having valid data, correct addresses to improve delivery and suppression techniques.

  • Digital Marketing: Acquire new customers using online marketing and targeted television advertisements.

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