The sales force can be one of the most effective channels to engage your customers. It is also one of the most expensive, frequently costing 10% or more of revenue. It is imperative that you are getting the best possible return on this investment. Are you?

Any sales force in the world can be improved in dozens of ways. The best sales force effectiveness initiatives rigorously identify prioritize and then close gaps in sales strategy and execution capability to capture specific growth opportunities. The goal is not a "bright and shiny sales force," but rather the right investments that result in a substantial increase in business results.

  • We have found that sales forces can achieve outstanding effectiveness through:

  • A customer-focused strategy based on value creation, differentiation and superior customer experience

  • A disciplined and diligently executed customer engagement and sales process

  • A highly motivated, performance-focused and accountable sales force committed to "getting it done" and "doing it right"

  • Highly efficient support-operations capabilities, providing the sales force with the information, expertise, speed-to-market and efficiency needed to achieve superior performance

  • We can help you reach these goals to drive stronger top- and bottom-line results.

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