Helping your team achieve their full potential

According to Maslow, in his famous Hierarchy of Needs, unless the lower levels of needs are met, individuals cannot move on to the higher order needs. These needs range from the basic (food, clothing, shelter), to security needs, need for belonging, wanting recognition, to the final level where full potential is achieved. Maslow's theory can be applied in any organization, and if effectively done, the organization can aim towards each individual achieving at maximum potential.

Why Paramount InfoTech?

In keeping with the individual's quest to reach their full potential, we can assist you in helping them fulfill their esteem and social needs. Every individual needs to know that they matter- in their personal and professional lives. We also appreciate that these two facets - personal and professional- do converge and influence each other. Put all these elements together, and you will also appreciate the importance of keeping people happy.

  • Coaching to support Learning - Statistics show that training has maximum impact when followed up with coaching. The individual tends to take ownership and is more likely to apply what he/she has learnt. We understand the importance of tracking the effectiveness of training. Through our coaching, we will discuss the employee's understanding from the knowledge learnt, how he/she can apply it to their role, and much more.
  • Coaching to maximize performance - We would like to highlight the difference between coaching for performance and performance improvement. Every organization has plans such as Performance Improvement Plans to measure those employees who are not performing their tasks satisfactorily. While the objective of our service is also to enhance performance by learning from what has been done, the focus is on utilizing the individual's strengths to push him/her forward. The ideal candidate for such a coaching program is one who is highly motivated and is an asset to the organization. The goal is to retain these individuals.
  • Counseling We have people on our team, both qualified and experienced in assisting people uncover and solve issues that hold them from achieving their full potential. By offering the option to participate in such sessions, the message you give your people is ?we care'- a very powerful message. Your people are welcome to talk to our counselors regarding any issues that they may need help with.
  • Facilitating In the word TEAM, we can see Together Everyone Achieves More. We facilitate group sessions for a range of topics from risk management, to improving team dynamics. In our work, we have found that a tremendous amount of value comes out of such group discussions. The challenge is in driving these discussions and ensuring maximum benefit is achieved. This is where we add value.

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