Paramount InfoTech provides exceptional auditing services to support the needs of your organization. Whether you need assistance completing internal audits during a resource-constrained time or helping to free up valuable staff to focus on other business priorities, our approach is to partner with you to act as a seamless outsourced extension of your organization.

We provide certified auditors for clients across the country to help you meet your internal audits and supplier audit requirements. We think you’ll find the breadth and depth of our auditing expertise is exactly what you’re looking.

Our services:

  • Legal audits, unique purpose and restricted scope audits

  • Operational auditing

  • Examination of mergers and the acquisition

  • Accounting views on technical matters

  • Corporate domination

  • Financial analysis and restructuring support

  • Review

  • Compliance auditing

  • Employee profits

  • Financial forecast and protrusions


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