Dealing effectively with human resource compliance issues is a major responsibility in any organization. For mid-market and smaller businesses and organizations, utilizing outsourced HR compliance consultants provides the best value for your time and money. The experienced professionals at Paramount InfoTech ensure that your HR practices are compliant and proactive to the benefit of both your company and your employees.

It is critical that every business is compliant with Human Resources legislation, which can change on a regular basis. The penalties for failing to do this can be substantial. The Paramount InfoTech Partnership can help ensure your organization remains compliant with all current HR legislation through developing implementing appropriate policies and procedures that are fit for purpose. Services we provide include:

  • Audit of all your current HR policies and procedures to ensure you are legally compliant, these are in line with best practice and written in an appropriate style for your business.

  • Development and implementation of the full range of Human Resources policies and procedures for your business.

  • Review recruitment processes to ensure the methods you use to attract and select employees are in line with legislation and best practice.

  • Provide consultancy support to line managers and supervisors to help them comply with HR Legislation.

  • Review remuneration and benefits packages to ensure legislative compliance in areas such as equality.


  • Access to cost effective, professional HR support which follows best practice.

  • Access to a wealth of legally compliant HR policies and procedures that can be easily customized to suit your requirements.

  • Peace of mind that your organization is legally compliant with all relevant employment laws.

  • Access to an HR Expert to help navigate through the maze of Human Resources Legislation.

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