Our Systems are Secure


Paramount Infotech employs virtualisation technologies across all sites which are hosted on Dell PowerEdge servers with Dell Equalogic SAN Storage, all systems and storage are in a resilient pair and are replicated across multiple sites using DoubleTake to ensure we have “to the second” restoration of services in the event of any one server or system failing, Voxpro operate to a 4 9’s (99.99%) uptime/availability SLA for all systems and services.


Our Networks are Fast

Paramount Infotech utilise Dell PowerConnect switches in the data backbone core and workstation network configuration, a separate POE voice network is run to deliver voice traffic separate from the data network to ensure QOS, jitter or other inherent VOIP issues will not affect our call traffic.


Interaction Platform – On-Premise Solution and Cloud Solution

Paramount Infotech utilise the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center (CIC) 3.0 as our telephony platform and technology as both an on infra2premise and cloud platform

CIC supports multi-channel interactions in an integrated single platform that encompasses both TDM and VOIP/SIP infrastructures.

Paramount Infotech CIC servers operate in a 1+1 hot switchover capacity allowing instant failover to backup telephony servers in the event network or server conditions are not met

Incoming calls to the platform are processed through Interactions SIP gateways giving seamless secure trunk to sip conversion and also allow for quick, highly-scalable and cost efficient deployments

Telephony Server Platform Scalability

The CIC server system itself can handle traffic and processing for up to 5,000 agents.

Paramount Infotech utilise Interactive Intelligence Media Servers to offload media processing away from the direct server processes giving us the ability to easily add more resources as needed without affecting main systems performance.

The Media server handles the call recording and processing, playback of recordings in IVR’s and handles the Quality of Services functions for the audio processes of the platform.

Paramount Infotech employ a hot configuration with load balancing for each media server allowing services to continue operating seamlessly if one media server receives too many requests or does not function to its set parameters.

Our Telecoms are Well Supported


Paramount Infotech at each location have capacity and systems to handle all types and medium of call traffic from E1 ISDN to SIP trunks from suppliers infra3or customers.

All telecoms are delivered from multiple providers and carried over both copper and fibre and have the ability for diversion from supplier to supplier or route to ensure constant delivery of calls.

In the event of loss of all underground services we can also push call traffic into a 100mb licenced radio link to ensure continuity

Our Telecoms are Well Supported


All sites have 2 resilient 100mb fibre links from diverse providers each terminating into separate rackspace and routers to ensure instant failover in the event of loss of any single provider.

Our Power is Reliable

Utility/Backup Power Generation and FailoverParamount Infotech utility power is backed up by inline Diesel Generators, providing full power needs infra4in the event of loss of utility power, these systems are auto-start and autosensing to ensure continuous power in the event of utility loss.

Our Power is Reliable

These generators are maintained bi-annually by external contractors and are tested under the following conditions

Weekly Test – 15mins no load: test generator operation

Monthly Test – 20mins building load: transfer test, panel operation

Bi-Annual Test – 2 Hours – full bank load: voltage, temperature operation

Server & Infrastructure Power Resilience

As well as backup generator power, all servers, network equipment, desktops, monitors and essential equipment to the operation of the call centre are protected by APC UPS units.

Server & Systems UPS

These units give it at least 2 hour of operation in the event total loss of power occurs.

Workstation UPS

These units give it at least 1 hour of operation in the event total loss of power occurs.

Each of these APC UPS Units perform and report self-tests to our IT team to ensure the batteries are in perfect condition at all times.


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